DisneyLife will be rebranded as Disney+ in the UK

Disney+ logo (Disney)
Disney+ logo (Disney)

Disney has confirmed it plans to rebrand UK streaming service DisneyLife into Disney+ when the new service launches on 31 March, 2020.

Current DisneyLife subscribers – who pay £5 a month for the service – are being told that the media company “will communicate more information about how to transition your subscription to Disney+ soon.”

The news was relayed via the official Disney UK Twitter account while responding to followers asking about the fate of DisneyLife. The account also confirmed Disney+ will be available on “a few different price plans”.

Disney+ costs $7 a month in the US, or $70 if you prepay for a full year.

DisneyLife launched in the UK back in 2015, and is still open to UK consumers until Disney+ launches here next year.

DisneyLife offers a similar range of movies and shows that Disney+ subscribers in North America will be able to access when it launches over there on 12 November, with the notable exception of the live action Star Wars and Marvel movies, and The Simpsons.

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The much-anticipated Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian won’t be available on DisneyLife, and it looks like UK Star Wars fans will have to wait until Disney+ officially launches here in 2020 to watch it legally.

Disney Life launched in the UK in 2015. (Disney)
Disney Life launched in the UK in 2015. (Disney)

DisneyLife arrived to much fanfare four years ago, although as plans for Disney’s own global streaming service were made public internal support for the UK platform appeared to dwindle as updates to the app became few and far between. Its initial price of £9.99 per month was cut to £5 not long after launch.

The service’s film library was always hamstrung by Disney’s ongoing deal with Sky Movies that meant the studio’s biggest releases weren’t available until months, sometimes years, after their theatrical release.

2017 films such as the live action Beauty and the Beast and Pixar’s Coco are still unavailable on DisneyLife for example.

Yahoo has contacted Disney for comment.