'Doctor Who': Who is the best Doctor of all time?

In a recent Radio Times poll Doctor Who fans named David Tennant as the greatest incarnation of The Doctor yet.

It was a close-run contest, with the most recent Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, snapping at the Scots actor's heels.

50,000 people were polled by the Radio Times to determine the show's finest iteration of the Time Lord, with both Whittaker and Tennant grabbing 21% of the vote.

However, Tennant won out by just 95 votes, winning 10,518 to 10,423. Whittaker's immediate predecessor Peter Capaldi came in third place with 8,897 votes, followed by Matt Smith with 7,637 votes.

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Long-time favourite Tom Baker came in fifth place with 3,977 votes, while Peter Davidson, the fifth Doctor, came in last place with only 1% and 351 votes.

But did the best Time Lord win? Let us know your favourite Doctor so far in the poll below.