Duncan Jones Handles Awkward Warcraft Interview Questions With Class

So, it looks like someone didn’t like the ‘Warcraft’ movie.

Witness the awkwardness as BBC journalist Adam Rosser decides that the best way to get a good interview is to make sure your subject knows you didn’t like their movie from the very first question.

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Handling the indelicate questions with an admirable level of class, director Duncan Jones parried Rosser’s abrasive style as he decided to critique his last couple of year’s work to his face.


“Were you the wrong man to make the film?” he asks.

“If you’d concentrated on the Orcs… would you have been able to deliver a film that was more coherent?” he adds.

Ouch. Why not say what you really think?

The confused exchange of glances at the end of the interview as Rosser ups and leaves is priceless.


Indeed, the 'Warcraft’ movie has not done anywhere nearly as well as expected at the US or the UK box office, and it’s been roundly panned by critics.

But it’s going absolutely great guns in China, where it’s had the biggest debut weekend of all time.

So far it’s made a staggering $156 million in just five days.

Image credits: Legendary