Duncan Jones wants Mute to head to cinemas

Ryan Leston
UK Movies Writer
Duncan Jones wants to see Mute in cinemas - Credit: Netflix

‘Mute’ is heading to Netflix…

But director Duncan Jones wants a theatrical run.

It’s no secret that Netflix has been snapping up some of the most interesting indie films of recent years… and they’re making waves with their commitment to original movies.

But now ‘Mute’ director Duncan Jones is happy to see his film heading to the streaming giant, he also hopes they’ll stump up for a theatrical release, too.

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Speaking at Mark Kermode’s Live in 3D show at London’s BFI last night (via Screen International) he reveals that he always imagined the film would open in cinemas.

“I envisioned the film would be released in cinemas, but I can’t complain as I have been trying to make this film for 15 years [before his 2009 film Moon],” he explained. “For Netflix to get the film off the ground is a wonderful thing.”

Much like other directors who opted to go the Netflix route, jones admits that the streaming giants gave him a lot of creative freedom with the project… and that seems to be one of the big reasons filmmakers are getting involved with Netflix.

Mute is based on the graphic novel by Dark Horse – Credit: Dark Horse

“I get final cut, and they release the film how they see fit,” he said, explaining that he was “okay with streaming”.

But there’s one thing he’s not fussed on – people watching films on phones.

“[People who want to watch films on phones] can go fuck themselves,” he joked. “I’m not ready for that.”

‘Mute’ follows on from Duncan Jones’ 2009 sci-fi hit, ‘Moon’ and is considered the second part in a trilogy. Quite how the two films will tie together remains to be seen… but with Sam Rockwell starring in both, I can’t help thinking we might finally meet the real Sam Bell.

“You’ll either love it or hate it – it’s sick, scary and a little bit twisted.”

‘Mute’ stars Paul Rudd, Noel Clarke, Alexander Skarsgard, Justin Theroux and Sam Rockwell.

Duncan Jones directed the film, based on a script he co-wrote with Michael Robert Johnson and Damon Peoples.

‘Mute’ heads to Neflix in 2018.

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