Dwayne Johnson Insists New Jumanji Is Definitely NOT A Remake


The filming for ‘Fast and Furious 8′ came to an end this week, with stars like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Nathalie Emmanuel (’Game of Thrones’) Instagramming that the shoot is over.

Yet, as is customary for The Rock, he had a lot to say on his Instagram post whereby he thanked fellow cast and crew and looked forward to his next project: ‘Jumanji’.

Here, Johnson will team up with ‘Central Intelligence’ partner Kevin Hart and Jack Black (’Goosebumps’) in a film the former WWE star say is absolutely not a remake.

In the post he declares that ‘for the record we are NOT making a reboot, but rather a continuation of the awesome JUMANJI story.’


The fact that the next ‘Jumanji’ film - do we now call it a sequel? - isn’t a reboot of the 1995 adventure starring the late Robin Williams which is likely a good move. Not only would it have been hotly debated reshaping the original, but it allows the new filmmakers a bit more freedom to take the story, and indeed the ‘Jumanji’ world, forward.

But the question remains: where exactly will this new instalment fit into that established narrative? Could we see it set prior to Judy (Kirsten Dunst) and Peter (Bradley Pierce) finding and playing the magical board game, or are we about to see the aftermath of what happened when the game was found right at the end by new, unsuspecting people?


What is clear is that the casting of Johnson, Hart, and Black tells us there’s going to be a strong action-comedy element to the movie, so for now we’ll continue to speculate over just when and where this ‘Jumanji’ will be set.

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