Edward and Vivian from Pretty Woman wouldn't have lasted, says Richard Gere

Split… Richard Gere doesn’t hold out much hope for Edward and Vivian – Credit: Buena Vista

It was a Cinderella story for our times… well, the 90s.

But Richard Gere doesn’t reckon that things would have turned out all that well for his ruthless businessman Edward Lewis and Julia Roberts’ call girl Vivian Ward.

In an interview with Haute Living magazine, the veteran star said: “You don’t know exactly what’s going to happen with them.

“They’re having a good ride right now, but who knows what’s going to happen a few months down the road.”

He added: “In my own experience, life is not quite like that.”

(Credit: Buena Vista)

Hmm. That’s burst our bubble a bit, Richard, we have to say.

The movie was a blockbusting smash on its release in 1990, with Gere hiring Roberts’ character to be his girlfriend for business dinners and functions, the pair soon falling in love.

It made a massive $463 million (£368 million) on its release – equivalent to $863 million (£687 million) today, from a budget of $14 million (£11 million).

And following smaller roles in ‘Steel Magnolias’ and ‘Mystic Pizza’, it cemented Roberts a bona fide Hollywood leading actress.

So there’s a happy ending right there.

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