Ethan Hawke Interested In Doctor Strange

It’s been an interesting few days for ‘Doctor Strange’ fans after rumours began to suggest that Ethan Hawke is up for the role of Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme. But while there might not be any weight to those rumours, it looks as though Hawke is rather keen on the role.

Speaking to MTV News in an interview back in July, the 43-year-old actor admitted that he’d love to take the starring role in ‘Doctor Strange’. After all, he’s already worked with director Scott Derrickson… and seems to have loved the experience.

“Well, mention it to [Derrickson],” Hawke said, before going on to praise the director’s skill behind the camera. “The thing about Scott is that he’s a filmmaker. I mean, he’s the real deal. […] He knows how to make a scary movie like Hitchcock knows how to make a scary movie. I really mean that.”

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Of course, many are expecting the tone of ‘Doctor Strange’ to be in a decidedly scarier style than other Marvel movies… and with horror director Derrickson at the helm, I can’t help but think that’s a pretty safe bet.

But will Hawke get to join him on set?

We’ve seen plenty of ‘Doctor Strange’ casting rumours over the past few months – most notably, Joaquin Phoenix has been repeatedly tipped for the role. And while Hawke found himself the subject of some recent internet rumours, all signs suggest that Ethan Hawke hasn’t been approached.

“Whoever he casts in that Marvel movie, it’ll be great,” Hawke added. But he sure isn’t giving up the role that easily. Asked whether he’d take the role of ‘Doctor Strange’, he just replied: “I’ll take it from him, sure.”

Whether or not Marvel wants Ethan Hawke in the role is another matter entirely. And with numerous names associated with the part, it seems we’re still no closer to finding out exactly who will take the starring role.

But would Ethan Hawke make a good Doctor Strange? Maybe we’ll get the chance to find out.

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Picture Credit: WENN