Fans slam the lengthy Frozen 'short' screened with Pixar's Coco

Pixar fans have been given a bit more than they bargained with new movie Coco.

And when we say ‘a bit’, we mean ‘a lot’.

Tacked on to the beginning of the film is Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, supposedly a ‘short’ to get fans all excited about the up-coming Frozen 2.

But thus far, it’s having quite the opposite effect, what with it being 21 minutes long (check out the trailer below).

It finds the formally loveable, dim-witted snowman, voiced by Josh Gad, searching for Christmas traditions for Elsa and Anna to celebrate.

But it’s not going down at all well with audiences.

US website Slate has even advised specifically showing up late so that you make sure that you miss it. Harsh.

Despite the grumblings, however, Coco is doing great business so far.

The tale, based on the Mexican holiday of Dia de Meurtos, the ‘day of the dead’, pumelled Justice League into submission, hitting number one in the box office chart in the US.

It’s made $153 million so far, and is being talked up as a possible Oscar contender.

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