Feast your eyes on the greatest movie action-figure fails

With the release of the latest round of Star Wars merchandise set for this year’s so-called “Rogue Friday” (riffing on last year’s Force Friday) on Sept. 30, Yahoo Movies is looking back at movie merchandise through the years. In today’s opening installment, we go deep on the greatest action-figure mishaps from some of Hollywood’s greatest films. Enjoy! __________________________ Ever since the release of 1977’s Star Wars, kids (and adults) have channeled their love of movies into playing with — and obsessively collecting — action figures based on their favorite big-screen adventurers. And today, many of those replicas are amazingly lifelike, as with those offered by Hot Toys, whose collection of movie-property figures boast astoundingly detailed and accurate facial sculptures and costumes, many using 3-D scans of the real actors. They’re proof that, when done properly, action figures can eerily resemble the iconic heroes and heroines upon which they’re based. But when done incorrectly? Well, that’s another story entirely. While companies like Hasbro, Mattel, McFarlane Toys, and Hot Toys have now set an incredibly high standard for such products, the industry’s history is littered with laughable disasters that fail so miserably at recreating actors and actress’ visages, they seem to have been made without any actual knowledge of their subjects. As our rundown makes clear, when movie action figures fail, they fail badly.