New Predator Movie Steps Out Of The Shadows

Have we just gotten our first look at the new ‘Predator’ movie?


The official Predator Facebook Page has posted a new image, depicting the iconic alien hunter along with the tag line: “You’ll Never See Him Coming”.

But does this mean we’ll soon be getting a glimpse of the fourth ‘Predator’ film?

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For much of last year, we were teased with snippets of information about a new ‘Predator’ movie from writer, Fred Dekker and director Shane Black. In fact, we even heard that the script had been handed into the studio.

But that’s all we’ve heard so far.


Does this new image give us a glimpse of the new Predator? It certainly seems that way… The impressive photo was tagged with the description: “Here we go again, bro” – an obvious reference to the original movie.

And it could mean that we’re about to get up close with The Predator once more.

The Predator himself is depicted with the familiar shoulder canon and a rather cold-looking gaze… but perhaps most importantly, this image might even give us an official name for the upcoming movie: ‘The Predator’.

It certainly looks as though ‘The Predator’ has been green lit… but we don’t know for sure.

Unfortunately, nothing has been confirmed… and ‘The Predator’ continues to live up to its mysterious tag line. But if this is our first glimpse at the upcoming film, it looks as though it’s heading in the right direction.

And we can’t wait to find out more.

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Picture Credit: 20th Century Fox, Facebook/Giphy