First look at the 'Charlie’s Angels' reboot starring Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Banks

The Sony film will be a “continuation” of the iconic ‘70s series and the ’00s films. <span>Chiabella James/Sony</span>
The Sony film will be a “continuation” of the iconic ‘70s series and the ’00s films. Chiabella James/Sony

Charlie’s Angels is getting another reboot, this time starring Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Banks.

But the movie has been described as a continuation on the franchise rather than a straight-up remake, incorporating events from the classic 1970s TV show, and the ’00s movies starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu.

Banks, who co-wrote the screenplay, felt it important to place emphasis on feminism and teamwork. She told Entertainment Weekly: “It was important to me to make a movie about women working together and supporting each other, and not make a movie about their romantic entanglements or their mother they don’t call enough,” she says. “When I’m at work, I don’t talk about those things. I get on with my job. It felt important to do that for the Angels, to treat them with the respect their skill set demands.”

Elizabeth Banks on set <span>Chiabella James/Sony</span>
Elizabeth Banks on set Chiabella James/Sony

And how incredibly busy the multi-talented Banks must have been, considering she will also direct, as well as starring as the iconic role of Bosley – a role traditionally played by a man – which she will share with Patrick Stewart, and Djimon Hounsou.

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Confused? Try not to be. Banks explained: “‘Bosley’ is now a rank in the organisation, like lieutenants,” she says. “All of the Angels have been played by different women and have had different names, but the Bosley character was always named Bosley no matter who played him.

“We thought, ‘Well, that must mean it’s more than a name.’”

Charlie’s Angels,<span>Nadja Klier/Sony</span>
Charlie’s Angels,Nadja Klier/Sony

The Angels will be made up of Twilight’s Kristen Stewart as Sabina Wilson – a highly-skilled wild card with a penchant for partying, British actresses Ella Balinska, who telly fans may recognise from Midsomer Murders, and Aladdin’s Naomi Scott. Balinska’s Jane Kano provides MI6 muscle, while Scott’s Elena Houghlin portrays an MIT-trained scientist.

<span>Chiabella James/Sony</span>
Chiabella James/Sony

The movie is due to hit cinemas in November.

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