First look: DeNiro and Pesci reunited for Scorsese mob picture The Irishman

The wiseguys are back… and my, are they looking wise.

A solid 27 years after ‘Goodfellas’ (and 22 since ‘Casino’), Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci have been snapped reunited on the Manhattan set of Martin Scorsese’s forthcoming crime flick ‘The Irishman’.

Not pictured – as yet – is Al Pacino, who will make up the dream team for the $125 million Netflix-produced project.

The movie has been years in the making, and is based on the non-fiction book ‘I Heard You Paint Houses’, about the Irish mob hitman Frank Sheeran, played by DeNiro.

It tells the story of Sheeran’s involvement in the death of the powerful union leader Jimmy Hoffa (played by Pacino), who disappeared in 1975.

Pesci plays Pennsylvania crime family boss Russell Bufalino, alongside a host of other co-stars including Ray Romano, Harvey Keitel, Stephen Graham, Bobby Cannavale, Jack Huston, Katherine Narducci, and the recently announced Jack Huston, who worked with Scorsese on ‘Boardwalk Empire’.

Getting Pesci on board for the project proved to be something of a sticking point, however, with the star repeatedly turning down Scorsese’s pleas to come out of retirement.

According to reports, Scorsese asked Pesci to join the cast 50 times before he finally agreed in July this year.

Veteran, Oscar-winning screenwriter Steve Zaillian has penned the script, Scorsese’s scribe on ‘The Gangs of New York’, with a tentative release date set for autumn, 2019.

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