First trailer for Happy Valley star James Norton's Netflix movie Joy

james norton, bill nighy, thomasin mckenzie, joy movie
First trailer for James Norton's new movie JoyNetflix

The first teaser trailer for James Norton's new Netflix movie Joy has been released.

The Happy Valley actor is starring alongside Bill Nighy and Last Night in Soho and The Power of the Dog's Thomasin McKenzie, in a drama about the birth of the first 'test-tube baby'.

The film tells the true story of Louise Joy Brown, the first person born through In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), and the 10-year journey to get there.

james norton, bill nighy, thomasin mckenzie, joy movie

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McKenzie's embryologist Jean Purdy is the focal point of the film, as she works with scientist Robert Edwards (Norton) and surgeon Patrick Steptoe (Nighy) to make their vision a reality.

Along the way, they battle with the technical and practical difficulties of making IVF happen, as well as a mountain of opposition from people who don't agree with what they are doing.

We get a few brief glimpses of all that in the teaser, with the main focus being the tone. As expected from a film called Joy, this looks to be an uplifting drama about our main protagonists, and what the medical breakthrough means for families everywhere.

bill nighy thomasin mckenzie james norton joy

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The film has been directed by Ben Taylor, who has also directed multiple episodes of Sex Education, while Enola Holmes and His Dark Materials writer Jack Thorne penned the script alongside his wife Rachel Mason.

"I am a lifelong Jack Thorne fan, and it has been such a thrill to work with him and Rachel on my first feature film," Taylor said (via ScreenDaily). "As the proud father to two boys only made possible by IVF, this is a story extremely close to my heart.

"It took Rachel and I seven rounds of IVF to have Elliott, so when the opportunity came to tell the story of the pioneers, I jumped at the chance and suggested Rachel might like to jump too," said Thorne.

"The more we discovered, the more amazed we were, at the audacity of the science and the lack of support from the scientific community. It is an incredible story.

"Working on this with our incredible cast, wonderful director Ben and the brilliant producers at Wildgaze, Pathe and Netflix has been a joy."

Joy does not currently have a specific release date, but Netflix says it is coming soon.

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