The Flash star's new movie gets brutal first reviews

puppy love trailer grant justin
The Flash star's rom-com gets brutal first reviewsAmazon Freevee

Despite the adorable premise, Grant Gustin and Lucy Hale's romantic comedy Puppy Love has opened to scathing reviews.

Directed by Nick Fabiano and Richard Alan Reid, the comedy currently sits at a meagre 33% score on review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, though the rating is likely to change as more reviews come in.

Puppy Love sees The Flash and Pretty Little Liars stars as perpetually single dog owners Max and Nicole. After going on a disastrous first date, the two vow to never cross paths again, but have to reconsider when they realise that, unlike them, their dogs really dug one another.

puppy love trailer
Amazon Freevee

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Nicole's dog has got Max's pup pregnant, forcing them to try and co-parent before the adorable fur babies arrive. Of course, the proximity leads the humans to appreciate one another and perhaps give love another chance.

Alongside Hale and Gustin, Puppy Love also stars Nore Davis, Christine Lee, Jane Seymour and Michael Hitchcock.

A few days after its US debut on Freevee (the film currently doesn't have a UK release date), Puppy Love has failed to wow critics. Many have branding it a predictable, harmless rom-com riddled with clichés, though praise was reserved for the leads.

Let's have a look at what reviewers are saying about Puppy Love below.

puppy love grant justin
Amazon Freevee

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Paste Magazine

"The best part of Puppy Love may be its double entendre marketing tagline: 'One bone can change everything'."


"It's admittedly difficult to dislike Hale and Gustin, who do their damnedest to minimize the film's cringeworthiness, but their work here is thankless go-nowhere wheel-spinning."

Cultured Vultures

"While there are certainly flaws to be found in some of the choices the film makes, it was a pretty decent way to spend 80 minutes of my Friday night."


"Overflowing with quirks and cuteness, this breezy and innocuous romantic comedy is too predictable to have much bark or bite."

puppy love trailer grant justin
Amazon Freevee

Screen Rant

"The movie has all the clichés at its disposal but can't make much of it. With its leads being the only thing going for it, it's hard to recommend it."

Common Sense Media

"The film features two very cute dogs, and is well-natured, funny in places, and well-acted by its two stars."

"Brings hard bad sitcom energy to a feature-length exercise in pure tedium."

Puppy Love is streaming on Freevee in the US. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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