Frozen 2: Diamond-encrusted Elsa and Anna doll set would set Disney-loving shoppers back £24,200

Amy West
'Frozen II' has unveiled a luxury Elsa and Anna doll set that would set shoppers back a whopping £24,200 (Disney)

It’s hard to avoid Frozen II merchandise these days. You only have to take a short trip to the supermarket and your eyes would fall on Elsa and Anna lunchboxes, stationery, plush toys and more as the Disney sequel continues to make millions at the worldwide box office.

Now, the studio has unveiled a luxury doll set of the two sisters, which - if a fan of the animated movie were to buy it - would set them back an eye-watering £24,227.10 ($31,804).

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Crafted by Italian jewellery design company Roberto Coin, exclusively for Saks Fifth Avenue, the figures are encrusted with diamonds, rubies, amethysts, tourmaline and sapphires.

According to the product description on the retailer’s website, Elsa’s “inner strength and power” is reflected in her snowflake-embellished dress, while Anna’s “warmth and optimism” is conveyed in her garment’s “colourful wheat pattern.”

'Frozen II' fans can get their hands on this Elsa and Anna doll set - but for a staggering £24,200 (Saks/Roberto Coin)

The two dolls come with a small, fluffy Olaf plush too, complete with felt arms and three diamond and 18k white gold snowflakes, too... because, of course. The adorable snowman may “like warm hugs” but Saks likes big cheques, evidently.

Reuniting original voice actors Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad, Frozen II sees Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf venture far from Arendelle to save the kingdom from mysterious, menacing spirits.

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On their adventures, the foursome learn that not everything is permanent and that just because you think you’ve had your happy ending doesn’t mean you can’t continue looking for something greater.

Newbies to the cast include This is Us actor Sterling K. Brown and Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood.

Frozen II is out in cinemas now.