'Game of Thrones' star reveals sexy finale wishes while talking about new 'Origin' series (Exclusive)

Tena stars alongside Harry Potter alum Tom Felton in YouTube’s ‘Origin.’
Tena stars alongside Harry Potter alum Tom Felton in YouTube’s ‘Origin.’

Natalia Tena, who played wildling Osha in Game of Thrones up to series six (when she was unceremoniously killed by Ramsay Bolton), has revealed how she hopes the epic HBO fantasy drama will end.

The 34-year-old actress said she’s is ‘excited’ for the final episodes and hopes Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow will have a happy, sexy ending.

“I’m so excited! And so sad that I was killed off! If I could have lasted til at least series 7 that would have been great.

“You know I just want Dragon Lady – Daenerys – and Jon Snow to just sort it all out and be really happy! I want them to work out and be sexy and have dragon babies!” she told us.

Tena, who also starred in the Harry Potter movie franchise at Nymphadora Tonks, joins fellow Harry Potter alum Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) in their new YouTube sci-fi drama Origin.

The big budget thriller is from the same producers as Lost andThe Crown and Tena let us in on a bit about her starring character Lana.

“I play Lana. She has been in the army, wounded and in the past she did something that she now can’t live with herself about.

Tena and Felton star in the new YouTube series ‘Origin.’
Tena and Felton star in the new YouTube series ‘Origin.’

“She’s interesting because she is so capable and brave and yet at the same time very damaged and has PTSD,” she said.

31-year-old Felton said his character Logan is just as complicated.

“I play Logan he is a Californian little s*** really. He’s quite an angry and aggressive young child with no faith in relationships.

“Not had much luck with friends shall we say either. A bit of a bitter soul with a foul mouth. But he gets softer as the episodes go on,” Felton said.

The series will centre around Lana and Logan as they navigate their new lives aboard a spaceship – of which hundreds of passengers have mysteriously evacuated from.

Is this series a chance for the pair to finally escape the Harry Potter association? They probably never will, admits Felton.

“Never mention Harry Potter!” he joked.

“No seriously I will probably always be mainly known for it. Unless the Harry Potter films somehow die. It’s a bit like Harrison Ford with Star Wars or Indiana Jones those things are still relevant today even though he’s done loads of other films,” he added.

While Tena said she does appreciate it when fans recognise her for her theatre work.

“It has changed both our lives. But I do lots of theatre and when people come up to me and say you are that girl out of that play I saw – that is amazing. Because the theatre projects for me are just as important as Harry Potter!” she said.

Origin is available to YouTube Premium subscribers from November 14.

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