Gaunt Johnny Depp worries fans in new pics

Johnny Depp (Credit: Getty)
Johnny Depp (Credit: Getty)

Johnny Depp fans have expressed their concerns over the actor’s health, after pictures from a trip to Russia have emerged online.

The 54-year-old is seen posing with fans at the Four Seasons Hotel in St Petersburg, but looks pale and gaunt in the shots.

(Credit: Instagram)
(Credit: Instagram)

It’s prompted widespread concern from fans, who have flooded social media with messages, some expressing hope that he’s preparing for a film role.

Depp does indeed play a terminally ill academic in a forthcoming movie, Richard Says Goodbye, but that wrapped last year.

However some fans, who saw him perform with his band the Hollywood Vampires in Hamburg, said that he looked ‘happy and healthy’ when he arrived in Germany.

Rumours of drug use and excessive drinking have swirled around the actor for many years, notably in a number of current legals cases he’s named in.

His former security guards, who are suing him for unpaid wages, described a ‘toxic’ working environment, claimed that they were forced to protect the actor ‘from himself’ while in his employ.

(Credit: Instagram)
(Credit: Instagram)

It’s claimed that Eugene Arreola, a onetime LAPD detective, and Miguel Sanchez, would have to dust drugs off his face when he was in public, and were regularly in the presence of illegal substances.

Meanwhile, court filings in the on-going lawsuit with his former management company told of tens of thousands of dollars spent each month on expensive wines.

Depp with fellow Hollywood Vampires Joe Perry and Alice Cooper (Credit: WENN)
Depp with fellow Hollywood Vampires Joe Perry and Alice Cooper (Credit: WENN)

Last November, the actor appeared on the Graham Norton Show, promoting the Kenneth Branagh remake of Murder On The Orient Express, an seemed to be impaired and slurring his words.

Depp is currently on tour the Hollywood Vampires, taking in dates in Russia, Poland, Germany and the UK later this month.

The supergroup features a host of famous musicians, including Joe Perry from Aerosmith and Alice Cooper.

He’s next up in City of Lies, a movie about the police investigation into the murder of rapper Biggie Smalls in 1997.

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