Godzilla x Kong lands soft Rotten Tomatoes score

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire has landed a soft Rotten Tomatoes score as the first reviews have arrived.

The latest movie in the MonsterVerse series follows Godzilla and Kong as they team up to take down an ancient threat which could endanger the future of humanity.

The sci-fi blockbuster arrived in cinemas today (March 29) and reviews have now made their way to the review aggregator site, with it currently sitting at 52% from 143 reviews.

Godzilla x Kong's soft score is markedly lower than Godzilla vs Kong, with the previous film boasting an impressive 81% Fresh rating.

suko, godzilla x kong the new empire
Warner Bros.

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Here's what some of the critics have been saying about Godzilla x Kong, including Digital Spy's take on the movie:

Digital Spy

"But while there could still be improvements made, the movie gives you the belief that the MonsterVerse has an identity now. Future movies could continue to tweak elements, but they shouldn't move away from making the titans the centre of the story.

"It sounds obvious, yet it's still taken five movies to get to this point. Fortunately, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire has got there and the result is the most enjoyable MonsterVerse movie yet."

The Guardian

"It's a still fun yet far sloppier outing, a second round that's less of a win for us and more of a draw."

godzilla x kong the new empire
Warner Bros.

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"This doesn't reinvent the wheel, and keeps you waiting too long for the final showdown – but when the creatures collide, it still delivers satisfying thrills."

The Daily Telegraph

"It's giant monsters fighting, the thing constantly shrugs: what else do you want? Ideally a bit more than this."

The Hollywood Reporter

"At one point in the film, Godzilla, weary from all that stomping around, lies down to take a well-deserved nap in the middle of Rome's Colosseum. It's the most relatable moment in the film."

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is in cinemas now.

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