‘The Haunting of Hill House’ is traumatising Twitter users in a good way

<em>The Haunting of Hill House</em>. (Photo: Steve Dietl/Netflix/courtesy Everett Collection)
The Haunting of Hill House. (Photo: Steve Dietl/Netflix/courtesy Everett Collection)

By Gwynne Watkins, additional reporting by Tom Butler

In contrast to over-the-top, shudder-packed shows like American Horror Story, Netflix’s new series The Haunting of Hill House is a slow burn. But when the scares finally come, look out.

The series, about five siblings raised in a haunted house, is getting rave reviews from critics — and it’s making a whole lot of viewers afraid of their own living rooms. On Twitter, fans are flipping out over Mike Flanagan’s show, saying that they can’t sleep, are afraid to turn out the lights — and yet, they can’t stop watching. Even horror maestro Stephen King has doffed his hat calling it “close to a work of genius”.

The psychological horror series, based on a classic Shirley Jackson novel, has taken many viewers by surprise with its intensity.

Whole families are freaking out together.

It even scares dogs!

The general consensus: No. 1, watch after dark at your own risk.

No. 2, don’t expect to sleep afterward.

And No. 3, don’t be surprised if everything in your house suddenly looks like a ghost.

For viewers who aren’t too scared to revisit the show, Twitter is also full of Netflix sleuths posting pictures of the show’s “hidden” ghosts.

And like all things that capture the internet’s imagination, the stealth scares of The Haunting of Hill House are already a meme.

The Haunting of Hill House is streaming on Netflix now. Watch our interview with the cast below.

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