Hugh Hefner: his best on-screen cameos

Ben Arnold

Such was his iconic status, Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy who has died at the age of 91, was in considerable demand for TV and the movies.

Hef made hundreds of appearances on screen, more often than not playing himself. Here are some of the best…

(Credit: Paramount)

Beverly Hills Cop II

In a rather gratuitous scene, Eddie Murphy’s Axel Foley pitches up at the Playboy Mansion in ‘Beverly Hills Cop II’ during a party (complete with volleyball game) to ask some nefarious chaps a few questions. Hef ends up booting them all out. The sequence also features a short cameo by a teenage Chris Rock.

(Credit: Fox)

The Simpsons

He appeared twice on the show, once on the show’s 20th anniversary special, but memorably in the episode ‘Krusty Gets Kancelled’. “Smart bunnies, Hef. I can call you Hef, can’t I?” says Bart, while visiting the Playboy Mansion. “No,” says Hef, dryly. There’s even a Simpsons action figure of Hef in its ‘greatest guest stars’ range. Now there’s fame for you right there.

(Credit: HBO)

Curb Your Enthusiasm

In the 2005 episode ‘The Smoking Jacket’, Jeff gets an invite to the Playboy Mansion, and though Larry is in the dog house with Cheryl, he goes along anyway. On meeting Hef, Larry notes that they own the same smoking jacket, which they end up trading. Things don’t go well, mind.

(Credit: HBO)

Sex And The City

Hefner pitched up in the episode ‘Sex and Another City’ in 2000, where he schmoozed with – who else – Samantha at a pretty standard-looking party at the Playboy Mansion. Samantha is suitably starstruck.

(Credit: Columbia)

The House Bunny

Seeing as the premise of the movies is that of a Playboy bunny who’s evicted from the Mansion and forced to find digs with a college sorority, Hef was always likely to make an appearance, and he’s in his element, smoking jacket, pyjamas and all.

(Credit: HBO)


If there’s a show that’s perfectly suited to a Hugh Hefner cameo, it’s the festival of testosterone that is ‘Entourage’. The chaps get into a spot of bother at the mansion involving some missing monkeys. Obviously.

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