X-Men’s Complicated Movie Timeline Explained (Exclusive)

In ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine travels back to the 1970s to help save the world from Peter Dinklage and his sinister sentinel army.

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In doing so however, he inadvertently messes with the timeline of the entire ‘X-Men’ movie series so far. How were the events of these films affected by Wolverine’s meddling? Did they even take place?

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Confused, we asked the writer and producer of the film, Simon Kinberg, to explain all.

In our interview he tells us what he considers to be the correct and updated chronological order of the X-Men film series.

Kinberg also explains how the plot of ‘Future Past’ affects events in the future movies and even if later films, such as ‘The Last Stand’, actually happened.

Watch the interview above.

You can also watch our highlights video below:

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Image credit: 20th Century Fox