Insidious: Chapter 3 Exclusive Poster Reveal

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Blockbusting horror franchise ‘Insidious’ is back for a third instalment and we’re thrilled to debut a pair of new UK posters for ‘Insidious: Chapter 3′. Check them out below (click to enlarge).

In an echo of a chilling moment shown in the most recent trailer, the UK quads show a girl (new franchise lead Stephanie Scott) walking through a creepily-lit doorway with the plaster casts on her feet crumbling away beneath her.

Directed by ‘Saw’ co-creator Leigh Whannell, ‘Chapter 3′ takes things right back to the start of the ‘Insidious’ legend, and is set years before the events of the first two films. 

Scott’s character Quinn is desperate to contact her late mother and reaches out to Elise, the gifted psychic first introduced in 2010′s ‘Insidious’, but things take a turn for the worse when they encounter “a demon with an insatiable craving for human souls.”

‘Insidious: Chapter 3′ is coming to UK cinemas on 5 June. Watch a trailer below.

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