Isobel Steele cried when she read her Emmerdale farewell

Isobel Steele loved being on Emmerdale credit:Bang Showbiz
Isobel Steele loved being on Emmerdale credit:Bang Showbiz

Isobel Steele cried when she read the script for her 'Emmerdale' exit.

The 21-year-old actress - who played Liv Dingle since 2016 - has bid an emotional goodbye to fans after her character was killed off during the dramatic storm storyline marking the ITV soap’s 50th anniversary.

In a video posted on social media, she said: "I hope it made you cry. I definitely cried when I read it and it's been a pleasure. It's been the best seven years of my life.

"It's been all worth it because of you, so thank you so much."

Before her farewell video ends, Bradley Johnson - who plays Isobel’s on-screen husband Vinny Dingle - teases the departing soap star, asking for her security pass back as she’s been “prolonging [her] exit a bit”.

The soap’s official Twitter account - who shared the video - captioned it: “Don’t mind us, we’re just crying a million tears [crying emoji]”.

“Goodbye Liv, we’re going to miss you so much [red heart emoji]".

Prior to her exit, there were reports the blonde beauty - who was in the middle of a storyline about her mother Sandra trying to meddle in her marriage - was leaving the long-running series set in the fictional town in the Yorkshire Dales to work on her music career.

'Emmerdale’ producer Jane Hudson warned that Storm Week was going to “change everyone’s lives forever” so viewers were given a heads up that something dramatic was on its way.

She said: "There will be a huge storm that will wreak damage on the entire village and change everyone's lives forever."

Jane admitted it was “hard” to send characters to their graves but felt it was important to the genre.

She said: "It is always hard to kill a character as someone is losing their job. You don't want somebody to lose their job.

"But the nature of soaps means if you want to introduce new characters, then you need to lose old ones. If you are going to do a death in the soap, it can't be the postman who has had three lines because it doesn't matter.

"A death has got to have an impact not just on the characters but also on the viewers watching. Each of our deaths will bring a different emotion."

"It's going to be a very special month and we hope everyone will really enjoy it all. But the 50th is not just a celebration of Emmerdale – it is a celebration of what makes soaps great."