James Norton sets his sights on directing

James Norton sets his sights on directing

James Norton is planning to direct his first screen project.

The Bob Marley: One Love actor set up his production company, Rabbit Track Pictures, with Kitty Kaletsky in 2019 and has so far produced the 2022 Netflix movie Rogue Agent and the upcoming TV shows Playing Nice and King and Conqueror.

In an interview with Deadline, Norton revealed that he's planning to move behind the camera for one of the company's upcoming projects.

"That's definitely in the plan. After King and Conquer wraps, it's a moment to take stock and look at our slate and what we have in development," the Little Women actor commented. "Part of the next chapter of the company is that I would like to get behind the camera in more than just a producorial way."

The British star also noted that becoming a producer has made him realise how much work goes into a project before filming begins.

"I have huge newfound respect for people... everyone who stands two, three years back, before we even get to that first day of principal photography, I see and appreciate the incredible work," he said, adding that it has given him a new perspective as an actor.

"The amount of time and emotional investment people put into (crafting) a monologue or a scene, these decisions are huge. And then actors come on set and might just decide that 'I think I might say this a bit differently.' Now, I think, oh my god, do you not realise the amount of work which has been put into this?" he shared.