Jenna Ortega's new movie debuts with soft Rotten Tomatoes rating

jenna ortega percy hynes winter spring summer or fall
Jenna Ortega's new movie debuts to mixed reviewsCourtesy of Republic Pictures

Winter Spring Summer or Fall, the new film starring Jenna Ortega, has debuted to a soft score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The film follows the lives of Remy (Ortega) and Barnes (Percy Hynes White), two teenagers who reunite on the final day of each season as they fall in love.

Also starring Marisol Nichols, Adam Rodriguez, Elias Kacavas and Jacqueline Emerson, the film is directed by Tiffany Paulsen with a screenplay from Dan Schoffer.

jenna ortega percy hynes winter spring summer or fall
Courtesy of Republic Pictures

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The film recently (June 6) had its world premiere at the Tribeca Festival, but has landed middling reviews as it accrued a 50% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes from its first six reviews.

You can read a selection of reviews below.

The Hollywood Reporter

“Paulsen, a writer of romantic comedies like About Fate and Holidate, has an intuitive sense of how to make you blush, wielding the power of close-ups to capture the longing gazes and subtle touches exchanged between Remi and Barnes.”


“Winter Spring Summer or Fall isn't a romance you'd want to spend a whole year with — even an hour and a half feels like more than enough.”

Next Best Picture

“Winter Spring Summer or Fall stands out as a unique coming-of-age story, primarily due to the strength of its two leads.”

The Weekend Warrior

“Paulsen does a decent job with her feature directorial debut, creating a breezy and thoroughly enjoyable coming-of-age rom-com that benefits greatly from the clear chemistry between Ortega and White.”

InSession Film

“Winter Summer Spring or Fall is hardly ever convincing, let alone natural… The makings of their will-they-won’t-they affair aren’t any more original, despite the natural chemistry Ortega and Hynes White have evidently built up over the course of a few years as screen partners.”

Winter Summer Spring or Fall currently has no release date.

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