J.J. Abrams insists ‘Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker’ will tell Leia’s story as intended

Carrie Fisher's Leia hugging Daisy Ridley's Rey
Carrie Fisher's Leia hugging Daisy Ridley's Rey

The death of Carrie Fisher at the age of just 60 in December, 2016, was a tragedy that rocked the world of cinema.

It was especially tragic for Star Wars fans because, while Fisher returned as Leia Organa in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, it has long been rumoured that the beloved character would feature much more prominently in the ninth installment, which we now know is called The Rise Of Skywalker.

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Leia will still be in The Rise Of Skywalker, though, as J.J. Abrams is going to incorporate deleted scenes from The Force Awakens, which he also co-wrote and directed, into the blockbuster.

Abrams has now opened up about this process, saying Leia’s involvement is uncanny, while insisting that they still got to tell her story in the way that they’d originally envisioned.

“There are scenes where she’s interacting with other characters in a way that is uncanny,” Abrams told Total Film. “Hopefully, if it works, it will be an invisible thing and if you didn’t know, you would never know.”

“But we got to tell the story with Leia that we would have told had Carrie lived. And that’s kind of incredible.”

Poe, Rey and Finn in Rise Of Skywalker
Poe, Rey and Finn in Rise Of Skywalker

Of course, we now don’t have that long to see what Abrams does with both Leia Organa and Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker, as the ninth and concluding part of the Skywalker saga is going to be released on December 20th.

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The Rise Of Skywalker will revolve around Daisy Ridley’s Rey, John Boyega’s Finn and Oscar Isaac’s Poe Cameron coming together to take on Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren and the remaining First Order.

It’ll also be the last big-screen Star Wars story we see for a while as Disney have already revealed that the franchise is going to go on hiatus after its release.