Joel Edgerton says 'Bright 2' will have a more 'international flavour' (exclusive)

Joel Edgerton says Bright 2 is going to be ‘bigger’ than the first film.

The Aussie actor-director will return as orc Nick Jakoby in Netflix’s modern fantasy adventure which imagines a world where humans co-exist with magical creatures including elves and fairies.

“I can tell you that Will Smith did a good enough job in the first one that I think they might invite him back,” Edgerton jokes. “I think I’m going to be back, I’m definitely going to be back, David Ayer will be back so we’re getting the team back together.

“All I can probably assume is that most sequels go a little bit bigger the second time around so I think we’re going to tune the dial up to eleven,” he adds. “There may be a slightly more international flavour about Bright 2, we might go outside the boundaries of Downton Los Angeles.”

Joel Edgerton and Will Smith will return in Bright 2
Joel Edgerton and Will Smith will return in Bright 2

The original film saw his orc Nick, the first of his kind to become a police officer, team up with Smith’s fellow cop Darryl Ward in order to protect a young female elf and the magic wand she commandeered from dangerous people.

David Ayer and Evan Spiliotopoulos will be penning the script this time around after original screenwriter Max Landis was ousted after several sexual harassment allegations were made against him.

The film received terrible reviews earning just 25% approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes who called it “painfully off the mark.”

Still, according to Nielsen, Bright secured 11 million viewers in the first three days it became available on the streaming service.

Production on Bright 2 is believed to start shooting this year after Smith has completed Bad Boys For Life with Martin Lawrence.

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