Jon Voight slams Robert De Niro’s Trump criticism in astonishing Twitter rant

This weekend Hollywood legend Robert De Niro caused quite stir when he released a short video online where he called out Presidential candidate Donald Trump for being a despicable person.

After saying he’d like to “punch him in the face,” the internet kind of went into meltdown and, inevitably, some Trump supporters hit back at the actor’s outspoken views.

Silver screen heavyweight Jon Voight was that person to call out the ‘Raging Bull’ actor for his damning assessment of Trump by tweeting a series of retaliatory comments back at him.

He began by slamming the ‘Godfather’ and ‘Goodfellas’ actor after deeming his “foul words” shameful, as he unashamedly stuck up for Trump.

In his own rant, Voight called De Niro’s opinions “ugly”, claiming that Trump’s recorded comments of misogyny and sexism "did not hurt anyone.” He even went as far as to suggest De Niro’s comments were worse than what Trump said, which is a bold statement.

He concluded his own rant by attempting to rally Trump supporters against De Niro and the perceived voice of reason, which made his stance very clear.

Yet out of his 11 tweets since joining Twitter back in July, Voight’s used seven of them to berate De Niro and defend Trump.

With the second presidential debate taking place tonight (9 October), it’s not the first and certainly isn’t the last time movie stars will come out and express their political views so candidly.

Chances are we will see some back-and-forth between the pair but it’ll be intriguing to see who else chips in when iconic movie stars and politics collide.

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Picture credits: Twitter, WENN