Joy of joys, Sharknado 5 is in production

Ben Bussey
UK Movies Writer
Sharknado (credit: SyFy)

With all the rather scary changes facing us as 2017 commences, we might take some comfort from the knowledge that some things will never change.

That’s right, there’s yet another ‘Sharknado’ movie on the way, and it sounds like the most ambitious entry in the ultra-low brow TV movie series thus far. No, really.

In a statement, series producers SyFy and The Asylum announced that the fifth installment has just started shooting in Bulgaria, and will go on to shoot in a total of five countries around the globe, the UK and Australia included.

Here’s the official synopsis: “With much of North America lying in ruins, the rest of the world braces for the inevitable – a global sharknado. Fin Shepard and his family must put a stop this disaster before Earth is completely obliterated.”

Series stalwarts Tara Reid and Ian Ziering will be back once again, with original ‘Sharknado’ actress Cassie Scerbo rejoining the ensemble.

‘Sharknado’ stars Tara Reid and Ian Ziering (credit: SyFy)

Officially this new film is untitled at present; reportedly they’d intended to go with ‘Sharknado 5: Earth 0’ (a play on ‘Jaws 3: Humans 0,’ the original title for ‘Jaws 3-D’ when it was pitched as a spoof), although it seems they’re no longer using this. No doubt they’ll come up with some corker to rival ‘Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!’ and ‘Sharknado: The 4th Awakens.’

Who’d have thought the concept of a tornado filled with sharks would prove to have such longevity? For better or worse the ‘Sharknado’ movies have proved to be a cult phenomenon stretching far beyond expectations, despite the fact that the films themselves aren’t so much so-bad-it’s-good as, well, just flat-out bad.

Oh well, if you’re a ‘Sharknado’ fan (we’re not judging you), the fifth chapter is expected to air on SyFy later this year.

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