Justice League reshoots will change the film’s ending

‘Justice League’ is getting an overhaul…

And it sounds as though the ending is being completely changed.

According to /Film, director Joss Whedon has been tasked with changing the ‘Justice League’ ending during a series of reshoots… and it’s all

“From what I’ve heard is happening, Joss Whedon has been brought in to make it lighter, as has been reported,” explained Peter Sciretta. “But he’s also redoing the ending of the movie.”

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“Originally, this movie is all about the Mother Boxes, you know… Steppenwolf is trying to get the Mother Boxes, and he’s trying to get the Earth ready for the coming of Darkseid.”

Who is Darkseid?

Well, he’s one of DC’s biggest villains – comparable to the likes of Galactus or Thanos from the Marvel comic books. The tyrannical leader of the planet Apokolips, his aim is to conquer the universe, eliminating all free will.

“The original ending of the movie, from what I understand, was… [Steppenwolf] was kinda playing the Silver Surfer role, with Darkseid playing the Galactus role, and the ending was a cliff-hanger, and ‘Justice League 2’ was going to be Justice League vs Darkseid, you know, Darkseid arrives at Earth.”

Darkseid also happens to be one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe, and a classic enemy of both Superman and the Justice League when it comes to the comic books.

But it sounds as though the entire ‘Justice League’ movie was setting that up.

And I can understand why Warner Bros. may have wanted a more self-contained story.

“It was this kinda, down and dirty ending, and from what I understand, that has been completely removed – the ending ends the movie like a movie, it doesn’t leave a huge cliff-hanger now. They did a reshoot with Robin Wright from ‘Wonder Woman’ to setup a flashback explaining who Steppenwolf is, and Steppenwolf is now the big bad of this movie, whereas Darkseid was this looming threat that won’t now come, I don’t think.”

How much work is being done on the reshoots?

Well, /Film claims it’s pretty extensive… but it’s also nothing to worry about.

“It does seem like they’re doing extensive work on this film,” he added. “It’s not like, business as normal. But I also don’t think it’s like ‘oh we need to fix this movie, it’s a horrible mess’, it’s just ‘no, we want to go in a different direction’.”

For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

‘Justice League’ stars Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ray Fisher as Cyborg, and Ezra Miller as The Flash.

Zack Snyder (and Joss Whedon) directed the movie, based on a script by Chris Terrio.

‘Justice League’ heads to cinemas on 17 November 2017.

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