'Justice League: The Snyder Cut' rumours swirl as director announces 'Man of Steel' watching party

Tom Butler
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Justice League (Credit: Warner Bros)
Justice League (Credit: Warner Bros)

Could we finally be about to bear witness to Zack Snyder’s original cut of Justice League?

Rumours have begun to circulate that Warner Bros. is prepping an announcement around the fabled “Snyder Cut” of the ill-fated 2017 superhero film. Snyder left the project in May 2017 following the death of his daughter Autumn, and Avengers: Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon was drafted in to oversee two months of reshoots and a complete re-edit of the film.

The finished film was released in November 2017 and it was slated by critics and unloved by audiences, and calls for the studio to release Zack Snyder’s original cut – the fabled Snyder Cut – have grown over the years. A committed fan group has campaigned for its release, at one stage buying out billboards at San Diego Comic calling for its release.

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Following the announcement from Snyder that this week, he would be hosting a watch party of his 2013 DC debut Man of Steel on Vero, rumours have begun to circulate that something bigger is afoot.

One report on Heroic Hollywood, a reputable superhero film blog, says Snyder recently screened his cut of Justice League to Warner Bros. executives, while DCEU Mythic says the alternative cut of the film will be released on HBO Max, a new streaming service launching in North America on 27 May.

Many actors involved in the film have called for the Snyder Cut to be released including Ben Affleck, Jason Momoa and Gal Gadot.

Zack Snyder’s cinematographer Fabian Wagner, who lensed Justice League, admitted he wasn’t a fan of Whedon’s finished film.

“It’s really hard to say because I was watching it and I think I was crying all the way through,” Wagner told Comic Book Debate.

“So it’s hard for me to say exactly how much was changed, but a lot was changed. It looked very different, and it’s sad for me because I loved working with Zack. I had the best time of my life.”

“There were many other things on that movie that made it so good apart from the fact that I was working with Zack and the whole gang. I met my wife on that job. There [were] a lot of other things. It was just a great shoot, and so it was a shame to see the film the way it turned out to be.”

Justice League is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.