Keanu Reeves got stranded in Bakersfield then went on a road trip with strangers

Keanu Reeves (Credit: Getty)
Keanu Reeves (Credit: Getty)

Anyone wondering if heading off on a road trip with Keanu Reeves would be anything other than a pure delight, rest assured.

Reeves was aboard a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Burbank, Los Angeles, over the weekend, which unfortunately had to make an emergency landing in Bakersfield, some 100 miles and a couple of hours short of their destination.

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Rather than call a chauffeur service or pull some other kind of slick celebrity move and leave his fellow travellers high and dry, he embraced both the situation and the general public and mucked in as alternatives were organised.

At one point a bus was being floated as an option, the significance of which was not lost on fans of Reeves’ benchmark actioner Speed.

But in the end, it was more of a minibus, Keanu advising his new stranded compadres to jump in with him and ‘hit the road’ rather than waiting three hours for the baggage claim staff to arrive.

He then entertained all on the drive with some Bakersfield trivia and also some ‘Bakersfield Sound’ on YouTube, the specific strand of country music native to the Californian city (population 380,000) and developed in the 1950s.

Many following the unfolding trip on Twitter loved that Keanu uses the browser version of YouTube rather than the app…

They stopped off, and Keanu picked up a Gatorade, a bottle of water and a banana.

Then, when the time came to part, he shook hands with the first passenger out of the van, saying ‘It was a pleasure to meet you’.

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Keanu was then dropped off too, upon which he wandered off into a Carl’s Jr burger joint.

For those not lucky enough to be stranded in Bakersfield with Keanu, you’ll have to wait until John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum arrives in cinemas next in May.

But in the meantime, Mr Reeves appears to be the patron saint of stranded travellers. In Bakersfield. We salute you, sir.