Kevin Feige confirms Black Panther 2 - and reveals Infinity War ending

MCU mega-producer Kevin Feige usually plays his cards pretty close to his chest when it comes to spoilers, but he’s just dropped a fairly big Infinity War reveal.

When Entertainment Weekly brought up the topic of Wakanda, and how pleased Feige must be that, following Black Panther’s success, so much of Infinity War will be set there, he revealed how the film will end.

“That’s the grand Marvel Studios/MCU tradition of just being all in, right? All in on stuff we believe in, before the audience tells us what they think. You’ve heard us talk ad nauseam about the fact that we were in production on Avengers before either Thor or Captain America was released. Same thing with the whole third act of Infinity War being in Wakanda.”

So, we now know where the finale of the film takes place. A lot of people assumed the Wakanda stuff would take place in the second act (around the middle of the film), but that’s not happening. Which means we’ve already seen quite a lot of Infinity War in the trailers.

We can also now guess that the shot of Captain America and his pals running towards the camera (you know the one) is Infinity War’s equivalent of the camera swooping around the original Avengers as they came together for the final fight in Joss Whedon’s original film. That’s a pretty major reveal, Kev!

Oh, and Feige also confirmed Marvel will definitely be doing Black Panther 2 (which is surely a no-brainer, but it’s nice to have it officially announced).

“Nothing specific to reveal [about the Black Panther sequel], other than to say we absolutely will do that. One of the favorite pastimes at Marvel Studios is sitting around on a Part One and talking and dreaming about what we would do in a Part Two. There have been plenty of those conversations as we were putting together the first Black Panther. We have ideas and a pretty solid direction on where we want to head with the second one.”

And it appears Feige won’t be satisfied with just a sequel. He’s also talking about Black Panther prequels.

“We would talk about the ancestral plane sequence [in Black Panther] where, towards the end of the movie, T’Challa takes the herb again and encounters his father, where he’s like, “Hey, man. We’ve kind of screwed up, and I want to change it.” There’s that moment where all of the ancestors come behind T’Chaka. We would joke and go, “I want to see … what’s their story? What’s that story? Who was Bashenga, the first king of Wakanda? Who’s that third to the left, behind T’Chaka? What was their story in Wakanda in 1938? That would be cool.” It all starts as conversations like that. The more audiences want to see these stories, the more opportunities we have to explore different places and time.”

And, potentially, spin-offs, too. “We’re not ready to talk about what those are, but like the ones we’ve made in the first three phases, they’re ones that are either just great concepts for a film, great characters with great supporting characters, like Panther. New locations and lands that have cultural significance all their own, and continuing to tell stories that represent the world as it is, that represent people who perhaps haven’t seen themselves portrayed in this light in the past. We want to continue to do that.”

Now, no-one ask Feige for a comprehensive list of everyone who dies in Infinity War – the mood he’s in, he might just tell us!

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