Kevin Feige told Martin Freeman about Thanos’ snap in 2014 (exclusive)

Martin Freeman new film Cargo is currently streaming on Netflix. The dark drama, about a single dad’s mission to save his baby daughter from a zombie virus, has received plenty of accolades.

It aaaaalmost makes up for the fact that Everett Ross didn’t show up in Infinity War, after Freeman’s brilliant turn as the character in Black Panther.

But did Everett Ross survive Thanos’ snap? Freeman seems to believe so.

“As far as I know, yes. As far as I know. Based on a conversation I had with Kevin Feige in 2014, I think he did.”

Which is interesting – especially as it reveals Marvel’s been describing the details of Infinity War to cast-members for longer than we realised. The inhabitants of the MCU can sure keep a secret!

But what drew Freeman to Cargo?

“It was the familial thing, I guess. It’s a father and a family trying to stick together in highly perilous circumstances, trying to survive. It was the survival thing, in a completely dangerous and unknown world for them. I always quite like that. I like reading that, and I like elements of that in roles I play – where someone is adrift. I quite enjoy those things.”

“Basically, it gives you a lot to play. There’s less to play if everything’s going really, really well for a character. If everything’s plain sailing – I’d love that in real life – but for my practice, it’s not much fun. I like playing people who are up against, and Andy in Cargo is about as up against it as it can possibly be.”

Cargo is streaming on Netflix now.

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