Kevin Hart will need 'round the clock' care after he leaves hospital following car wreck

Ben Arnold
Kevin Hart (Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix)

Kevin Hart will require care 'around the clock' when he is discharged from hospital, following a car wreck in Los Angeles.

According to The Blast, he should be discharged by doctors today, after undergoing major surgery to repair several fractures on his spine.

However, while he won't require a wheelchair, he will need 'a medical professional with him for the immediate future'.

He will also need to wear a back brace for support following his spinal surgery.

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Hart was a passenger in his classic 70s Plymouth muscle car when it left the road on the treacherous Mullholland Highway earlier this month.

Kevin Hart with his classic Plymouth Barracuda, called 'Menace' (Credit: Instagram)

It's said that it will take at least four months of recovery before he can think about returning to work.

His friend and Jumanji co-star Dwayne Johnson said yesterday that Hart was 'a very lucky man', following the crash.

"Everything is good,” Johnson said speaking on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

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“I spoke with Kevin - I connected with him today. And you know what? These things happen in life and thankfully he was strapped in nicely to his car seat.

“I love the guy, he's one of my best friends. And honestly, I mean, thank God, it could have been a lot worse. So, he's a lucky man, and he knows it, too.

American actor, Kevin Hart, 2019. (Photo by Dominic Lorrimer/Fairfax Media via Getty Images via Getty Images)c

“I wish him the best and a speedy recovery and I'm going to see him soon.”

Hart's next project is comedy drama Fatherhood, which was still casting new actors as of this summer.

The status of the project given Hart's extensive upcoming recovery period is not yet known.