Kevin Smith Reacts To Terrible Reviews Of His Latest Movie Yoga Hosers

Kevin Smith has had a difficult relationship with film critics over the years, but recently decided to make nice ahead of the release of ‘Yoga Hosers’ - his latest film.

His new attitude to film criticism didn’t stop critics savaging 'Yoga Hosers’ upon its recent release however. The film currently sits at 21% on Rotten Tomatoes with a score of 3.5/10.

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Smith has decided to tackle that criticism head-on, and “take it as a man” as he puts it, on his podcast Hollywood Babble-On. On camera, co-host Ralph Garman read excerpts from the most brutal reviews to Smith for the first time.

His reactions were priceless.

“Smith seems to have soured to the idea of making films for anyone outside his circle of fans, podcast co-hosts, and family members,” said Garman, reading Entertainment Weekly’s review.

“He’s got me,” said Smith with a laugh, before Garman continued.

“'Yoga Hosers’, the latest feature-length podcast digression from Smith, proves how small that circle really is.”

To his credit, Smith attempts to and often does see and understand the reviewer’s point of view. He also shrugs off the criticism, repeatedly reminding viewers that this is the film he wanted to make.

Smith also cites the critical mauling suffered by 'Mallrats’ which is now remembered as one of his classics. The initial response to the film doesn’t always dictate how it’s remembered.

“Right now, people that don’t like [’Yoga Hosers’] get a minute to beat the s**t out of me and that’s fair game, but I get it forever,” said Smith. “And you know, water finds its level and eventually drift to the people it was intended for - tween girls - and I honestly feel like it’ll work.”

Seeing a well-known director react to negative reviews, especially specific ones, isn’t something you often get to see, so it’s certainly makes for interesting viewing.

Smith’s attitude is refreshing as well, considering he once angrily responded to criticism of buddy cop comedy 'Cop-Out’ by attacking critics for reviewing films they’ve seen for free.

“People are free to talk s**t about ANY of my flicks, so long as they paid to see it,“ he said back in 2010.

You can watch Smith react to his critics yourself in the video below from 15:20.

Picture Credits: Hollywood Babble-On / StarStream Media

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