Kristen Bell Responds Brilliantly To Donald Trump’s Frozen Dig


Donald Trump has a skill of getting under the skin of even the nicest of stars, and ‘Frozen’ star Kristen Bell is no exception.

When Trump tweeted an image of Presidential rival Hilary Clinton next to a Star of David last week, controversy erupted after it was claimed the image had come from a white supremacist website. In a weak attempt to defend himself, Trump claimed the star was just a star, so called out the Disney animation who innocently used a star in some of their merchandise in an attempt to deflect attention.

It was a poor counter argument, sure, but it didn’t stop his supporters coming to his defence, nor did it prevent the onslaught of criticism aimed towards Trump.

However, after further backlash over his retort, ‘Frozen’ star Kristen Bell tweeted her own bold reply to Trump and his campaign. Suffice to say the actress who plays Elsa’s sister Anna did not mince her words.


Clearly angered not only by Trump’s attempt to smear ‘Frozen’, she notes how, in light of the horrific shootings in America, now was not the time to be saying the things he is. Not that it’ll deter the POTUS wannabe one bit.

‘Zip it Don & get ur head outta ur *** We’ve more important things 2 think abt today’ said the star. Bell’s not the first high profile star to speak out against Trump and she sure won’t be the last.

Disney’s ‘Frozen’, which was released in 2013, broke records as it became the biggest animation of all time after making almost $1.3 billion at the worldwide box office. A follow-up, simply known as ‘Frozen 2′ for now, is in development, with a probable cinema release circa 2018.

After all, telling Donald Trump to let it go would’ve been too easy, wouldn’t it.

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Picture credit: Ivan Nikolov/WENN, Twitter