Macaulay Culkin Stars In Latest Compare The Meerkat Ads

It’s something of a trend nowadays to see Hollywood actors appear in adverts, with ‘Home Alone’s’ Macaulay Culkin the latest to jump on board.

Yep, the latest big name to advertise alongside anthropomorphised meerkats Alexsandr and Sergei is none other than child star Culkin, who appears in his first (of presumably many) adverts for Compare the Market.

Both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Nicole Kidman have recently featured in the company’s previous advertising campaigns, with the latest continuing the playful trend.

Here, Alexsandr and Sergei reminisce over the ‘Home Alone’ star before picking him up to complete their family day out; surprised it’s actually him because he’s “a lot bigger in real life”. They take him on a the funnest of days out (thinking he’s still a child); wiping his mouth and getting his face painted like a tiger.

Obviously there’s the link-in with their Meerkat Movies offer which replaced the popular Orange Wednesdays, offering 2-for-1 vouchers on cinema tickets, so with the actor having not done any movies of note since the 1990s, we can’t say we blame him.

What’s funny here is, in terms of general public perception, people remember the actor best for his childhood roles of the ‘Home Alone’ franchise, as well as ‘Ritchie Rich’, and tearjerker ‘My Girl’.

With the likes of Ashton Kutcher advertising for Wrigley’s, Mila Kunis for Jim Beam, Jennifer Aniston for Emirates, and Sly Stallone for Warburtons, it’s no surprise to see Culkin or any of the actor for that matter cashing in on the lucrative world of advertising.

Check out the full advert below.

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Picture credit: Twentieth Century Fox, YouTube