Life: Watch two exclusive new videos from Sony's terrifying sci-fi thriller

‘Life’, Sony Pictures’ genuinely terrifying new sci-fi thriller, hits cinemas today and to celebrate we’ve got two brand new videos to share with you.

First is a new featurette – above – that explains the threat posed by the alien creature brought on board the International Space Station by the crew. The space craft receives the cellular organism from a Mars rover, but things quickly go south when the crew bring the creature to life through experimentation.

This behind-the-scenes clip shows how zero gravity was achieved on ‘Life’ (Sony Pictures)

“It’s almost like a Frankenstein comparison,” explains Ryan Reynolds, the Space Station’s everyman engineer Roy Adams. “We breathe life into it, and it’s essentially reanimated.”

“I think this life form is an incredible metaphor,” adds Jake Gyllenhaal, the station’s long-serving doctor, “for what can happen when our curiosity can sometimes get the better of us.”

The clip also reveals how zero gravity was achieved on set using wires.

The second clip, above, shows a scene from early in the film where something has malfunctioned in the lab. Ryan Reynolds’ character must secure the fault before reprimanding Ariyon Bakare’s science expert Hugh Derry for getting too close to the creature.

‘Life’ is in cinemas now.

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