Logan is NOT set in the regular X-Men universe

Ryan Leston
·UK Movies Writer

It looks as though ‘Logan’ isn’t in the usual ‘X-Men’ universe.

Hugh Jackman in Logan - Credit: 20th Century Fox
Hugh Jackman in Logan – Credit: 20th Century Fox

During an interview with Digital Spy, ‘Logan’ star Hugh Jackman revealed that the upcoming Wolverine spin-off isn’t taking place in the usual ‘X-Men’ timeline…

“When you see the full movie you’ll understand,” he explained. “Not only is it different in terms of timeline and tone, it’s a slightly different universe. It’s actually a different paradigm and that will become clear.”

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Of course, it’s not unusual for comic books to be set in different universes.

But this departure from the main ‘X-Men’ universe marks a distinct break for the ‘Wolverine’ spin-off films… even if it does make a lot of sense. After all, ‘Logan’ is said to be Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine. But if it does indeed take place in a separate universe, it still leaves the door open for a triumphant return in a future ‘X-Men’ movie.

“I said this was my last one and they said make the movie you want to make,” he explained. “And so Jim [Mangold] and I had this blank canvas and we wanted to make something really different. Definitely tonally different, I kept thinking The Wrestler, Unforgiven.”

Hugh Jackman in Logan - Credit: 20th Century Fox
Hugh Jackman in Logan – Credit: 20th Century Fox

“It’s a stand alone movie in many ways,” added Jackman. “It’s not really beholden to time lines and story lines in the other movies. Obviously, Patrick Stewart was in there so we have some crossover but it feels very different and very fresh.”

“[Following the timelines] becomes a chess game that you try to serve, which actually doesn’t help to tell a story and it’s sort of been a bit all over the place. I’m not critical of it – X-Men was the first movie really in comic book, no one thought there’d be another and there were different directors, different off shoots.”

‘Logan’ stars Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, alongside Dafne Keen, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant and Stephen Merchant.

James Mangold directed the film based on a script he co-wrote with Scott Frank and Michael Green.

‘Logan’ heads to cinemas on 1 March 2017.

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