Loose Women's Kaye Adams reflects on recent massage in Hong Kong: 'I was straddled from behind!'

Kaye Adams recently went on a trip to Hong Kong credit:Bang Showbiz
Kaye Adams recently went on a trip to Hong Kong credit:Bang Showbiz

Kaye Adams ended up being "straddled from behind" during a recent trip to Hong Kong.

The 61-year-old journalist - who is best known as a long-running host of ITV's 'Loose Women' - had taken her daughter Charley , 21, on holiday to the Chinese region and the pair went for a massage, but was shocked at how invasive the therapy was.

Speaking on her 'How To Be 60' podcast, she said: "I just said yes to everything. We have a masseuse each. She was going through a little tick list with me beforehand and then she said 'You like your breasts and stomach massage?' Charley said 'Yes!' and I thought I'd better say yes as well. I was on the table, whale music going.

"They gave me these funny little pants and I was lying on my front first and then I just felt her straddling me. So you feel one knee going on the table, and then the leg going over. I thought 'Right, okay, I've ended up in Hong Kong being straddled from behind in front of my daughter!'

The former 'Strictly Come Dancing' contestant - who has been in a relationship with tennis coach Ian Campbell since 1995 and also has Bonnie, 17, with him - then had to flip over on the table and expose herself the other way but by that time had accepted the whole situation and found that it "wasn't unpleasant" in the end.

She said: "So she gets off me and I had to flip over. Then by that time I just gave into it. She does my breasts and my stomach and it wasn't unpleasant, actually. I just kept my eyes shut!"