MaXXXine: Release date, cast and plot of Ti West's horror sequel

Mia Goth will return to kill again

PEARL2022 de Ti West Mia Goth. prequelle de X de Ti West 2022 prequel to X by Ti West 2022 COLLECTION CHRISTOPHEL © A24 - Bron Creative - Little Lamb
Mia Goth in Pearl. (A24)

Ti West's X film series has another installment on the way: MaXXXine.

First there was 2022's X, a 70s set slasher, and then there was 2023's Pearl, the prequel that told the origin story of X's villain.

X saw Mia Goth in the dual role of Maxine Minx and the killer Pearl with the prequel showing the titular character as a young woman.

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Now there's MaXXXine, which will yet again see Goth play porn star Maxine Minx and be set after the massacre at the end of X as the wannabe actor sets out to make it in Hollywood.

MIA GOTH in PEARL (2022), directed by TI WEST. Credit: A24 / Little Lamb / Album
Mia Goth in Pearl. (A24)

Ti West's low-budget horror films have so far built up quite the reputation, earning critical acclaim and also proving to be successes at the box-office, even at a time where low-budget indie films have been struggling.

As the X series continues, read on for everything you need to know about MaXXXine.

When will MaXXXine be released?

Though Ti West screened a teaser of MaXXXine during a 2022 Toronto International Film Festival screening of Pearl, production on the movie does not start in earnest until later this month.

Luckily for fans of X and Pearl, West shoots quickly and cheaply and producers A24 have fast-tracked the film to capitalise on the success of prior installments.

MaXXXine should be hitting cinemas before the end of 2024.

Who will star in MaXXXine?

X2022 de Ti West Mia Goth. COLLECTION CHRISTOPHEL © A24 - BRON Studios - MAD SOLAR horreur; horror
Mia Goth in X. (A24)

In short – everyone. Goth will be returning as the titular adult film star with dreams of Hollywood and she will be joined by a long list of stars.

Gus Fring actor Giancarlo Esposito is confirmed to play an agent for adult film stars while Elizabeth Debicki has been announced to play a movie director.

Michelle Monaghan and Bobby Canavale have also been cast as LAPD officers with Kevin Bacon joining them as a private detective.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 28: Giancarlo Esposito attends the Los Angeles Premiere of Disney+
Giancarlo Esposito will star in MaXXXine. (FilmMagic)

The cast also includes two musicians in Halsey and Moses Sumney, both of whom have prior acting experience. Sumney has been cast in a lead role in upcoming HBO series The Idol while Halsey will soon be seen in crime thriller Americana alongside Sydney Sweeney.

Lily Collins will also have a role in MaXXXine but it has not been announced who she will play.

What is the plot of MaXXXine?

Most details are being kept under wrap but according to The Hollywood Reporter, the film will take place after the end of X and follow Maxine Minx and her quest for fame as an actress in 1980s Hollywood.

The publication also claim that MaXXXine will be set in the dangerous world of underground filmmaking.

Goth has previously said of the script: “MaXXXine is the best script out of the three. I have no doubt that it’s going to be the best film of the trilogy. I’m really excited to kind of get back together with everyone and start making this movie. I’m in the middle of prep, and I’m having a lot of fun with it.”

Pearl Mia Goth
Mia Goth in Pearl. (A24)

West has also teased what can be expected: “To round the whole thing out, MaXXXine as a sequel to X is fine. MaXXXine as part of a trilogy is infinitely more interesting, so that was part of the overall concept.

"I think what’ll be fun in MaXXXine, I’m not going to tell you what it’s about, but what’s fun is it is an evolution of the character, in the way that you met Pearl in X, but then you get to know a different side of her in Pearl.

"Yes, you have met Maxine. It is a continuation of Maxine, but she is at a very different point in her life. It’s going to be an interesting thing to catch up with her when we do, and to see Mia Goth in yet another way."

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