Meet the cast of the new Marvel’s Inhumans TV show

It’s one of the boldest parts of the Marvel universe and also one of the most epic, which probably explains why the new ‘Inhumans’ TV show is starting out on IMAX screens before heading to television.

But before ‘Inhumans’ hits IMAX screens on 1st September, let’s find out who are the stars taking some of the most iconic characters in comics and making them a reality? Here’s the breakdown.

Anson Mount – Black Bolt

The 44-year-old plays the regal leader of the Inhumans, a king who can’t speak since his voice causes immense destruction. Mount got his big break romancing Britney Spears in the pop star’s 2002 cinematic effort ‘Crossroads’, a role he prepared for by running his lines with Robert De Niro.

The Illinois native has had a busy career on both big and small screens, recently winning praise for his portrayal of a former Confederate soldier in the gritty cable series ‘Hell on Wheels’.

Serinda Swan – Medusa

She is the Queen of Attilan and Black Bolt’s wife, a flame-haired heroine whose magical hair has a life of its own. An enthusiastic child gymnast who has since modelled everything from jeans to exercise clothes, she appeared in ‘TRON: Legacy’ and found success in crime series ‘Breakout Kings’.

And if you’re wondering what her name means, it’s a type of Tibetan flute.

Iwan Rheon – Maximus

Maximus Black Bolt’s brother, an Inhuman doesn’t seem to have any superpowers in the show and survives on cunning and ambition as he attempts to take over his sibling’s throne. He is played by a 32-year-old Welshman, best known as the brutal Ramsay Bolton in ‘Game of Thrones’.

A native Welsh speaker and brilliant singer, Rheon has released his own solo material, while also winning an Olivier award for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical thanks to his performance in ‘Spring Awakening’ back in 2010. British audiences will also recognise him as Simon in another superhero show, ‘Misfits’, in which he could turn invisible.

Eme Ikwuakor – Gorgon

An intimidating army commander and Black Bolt’s cousin, Gorgon has hooves which can create seismic waves.

The man who plays him (his surname is pronounced Ik-walker) is a 32-year-old Colorado native of Nigerian descent and one of triplets. A former hardcore decathlete, he didn’t even consider acting until college, where he was on a track and field scholarship. But a savvy teacher convinced him to have a go at performing and since then he’s played a SWAT team leader opposite Halle Berry in TV’s ‘Extant’ and even appeared trying to defeat a bunch of kids in quiz show ‘Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader’.

Isabelle Cornish – Crystal

You might recognise the surname of this Aussie actress, who plays a weather-controlling mutant on the show. The 23-year-old’s older sis is Abbie Cornish, known for everything from critically-adored indie ‘Somersault’ to mega-budget flicks like ‘RoboCop’ and ‘Limitless’.

Isabelle is making a good start on emulating her success, passing through iconic soap ‘Home and Away’, before impressing in her homeland thanks to acclaimed drama ‘Australia Day’ and coming-of-age series ‘Puberty Blues’, en route to the Marvel Universe.

Mike Moh – Triton

There’s not much that can prepare you to play an underwater-dwelling fish-type person like Triton. But athleticism certainly helps and as a former taekwondo champion, 33-year-old Moh has that in spades.

Married with one son, Moh has spent time working in Hong Kong with Jackie Chan. Elsewhere on-screen, he’s appeared in ‘Empire’ and the recent TV reboot of videogame ‘Street Fighter’, where he’s able to show off his combat skills. Something his students would appreciate, since away from acting, he still trains martial artists.

Ken Leung – Karnak

Prior to his ‘Inhumans’ role as a master analyser, Leung’s qualifications were already firmly in place, thanks to his 48-episode arc in ‘Lost’ as Miles and for playing Admiral Statura in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’.

And that’s not even counting the New Yorker’s performances as a cop in the original ‘Saw’, the spiny mutant Kid Omega in ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ and for guest-starring in the final season of ‘The Sopranos’.

The 47-year-old – who’s been compared talent-wise to Philip Seymour Hoffman – will appreciate the complex family dynamic of ‘Inhumans’. He began his acting career doing Shakespeare on stage.

Ellen Woglom – Louise

A new character created specifically for the series, Louise is a space-loving regular woman who ends up getting tangled up in the world of the Inhumans.

The 30-year-old actress who plays her has been an almost constant presence on TV since making her debut as a saleswoman in a 2005 episode of sitcom ‘The Bernie Mac Show’, in everything from ‘Castle’ to ‘Californication’.

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, she also has a crafty side – she co-runs a Los Angeles ceramics company with her partner which sells handmade domestic goods.

Sonya Balmores – Auran

Her first big acting success came with the 2006 series ‘Beyond the Break’, in which she showed off her real-life surfing skills as a young woman trying to make it professionally in that sport. Surfing isn’t her only athletic passion though, as she was a keen footballer throughout school.

Married to pro boarder Kanoa Chung, she took to the waves again in 2011’s ‘Soul Surfer’, which told the story of shark attack survivor Bethany Hamilton and is also looking to break into screenwriting.

Her start in showbiz was predicated on her natural good looks as a beauty queen who won Miss Hawaii Teen USA in 2004 (she came second in the nationwide contest).

The first chapter of Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ hits IMAX cinemas on 1st September, and the complete series will be coming soon to TV.