Neill Blomkamp working on 'District 9' sequel, 'District 10'

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District 9 (Credit: Sony)
District 9 (Credit: Sony)

Director and writer Neill Blomkamp has revealed he's working on a sequel to his low-budget 2009 sci-fi hit District 9.

To be called – obviously – District 10, Blomkamp announced the news on Twitter, along with his collaborators.

His wife and co-writer Terri Tatchell is on board; she also co-penned his District 9 follow up movie Chappie in 2015.

And Sharlto Copley is also in on the plans too.

Copley played Wikus van de Merwe in the 2009 movie, produced by Peter Jackson, a lowly bureaucrat working for Multinational United's Department of Alien Affairs.

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Tasked with spearheading the relocation of an alien species which turns up in an alternate Johannesburg in 1982, he is infected by an alien fluid and starts to turn into one.

District 9 (Credit: Sony)
District 9 (Credit: Sony)

The movie concludes with two of the prawn-like aliens, Christopher and his son CJ, escaping Earth back to their mother ship, while Wikus finds himself fully transformed, giving much scope for sequel possibilities.

Taking on themes of segregation and apartheid, the movie was made on a small $30 million budget, but thanks to savvy marketing campaigns and word-of-mouth, it grossed $210 million.

In part thanks to the connection to Jackson, it catapulted Blomkamp into the spotlight, as well as Copley, with the movie even landing four Oscar nominations – including Best Picture and Best Visual Effects.

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