New Fast and Furious 8 trailer: Watch The Rock call The Stath a 'tea and crumpet-eating criminal'

It may still be early in 2017 but we think we have a contender for the best movie insult of the year.

It comes courtesy of the insane new ‘Fast and Furious 8’ trailer just released by Universal Pictures. In it Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Hobbs is introduced to his new partner, Jason Statham’s ‘Fast 7’ villain Deckard Shaw, prompting him to ask: “You wanna tell me why you just put me in a room with this tea and crumpets eating criminal?”

It’s just one of a handful of genius moments in this insane 3-minute pushing, dubstep-tracked slice of movie promo gold.

(Universal Pictures)
(Universal Pictures)

Other highlights include Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto firing his gun in the air in frustration a la Johnny Utah/Danny Butterman, The Rock manhandling a torpedo, and an action sequence that sees dozens of cars being thrown from a multi-storey car park.

You really have to admire the franchise’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of physics and silliness.

‘Fast and Furious 8’ arrives in UK cinemas 12 April.

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