Logan: Watch Hugh Jackman choking up on his last day as Wolverine

Tom Butler
Senior Editor

20th Century Fox has released an emotional new video revealing Hugh Jackman’s last day on ‘Logan’, his final time playing X-Men hero Wolverine, and you can see the Aussie star choking up with emotion as he thanks the assembled cast and crew after the last “cut” is called.

The ‘Logan’ “Legacy” trailer can be watched above, but you’ll want to skip ahead to the 01:48 mark to see Hugh’s final day on set.

“It’s a really surreal day,” says Jackman, 17 years on from ‘X-Men’, his first film as Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman pays tribute to his ‘Logan’ crew (20th Century Fox)

“I’ve got my 16-year-old in the trailer who was not even born when I started playing this part. No movie has meant more to me than this movie. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for helping us realise this dream.”

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Hugh can be seen dishing out bear hugs to all the crew after wrapping for the final time, including ‘Logan’ director James Mangold, but it’s the fans that he reserves his most heartfelt gratitude for.

“I am grateful to the fans in a big way,” he says, “And I consider it a great, great privilege to have had the chance to play this character.”

Fitness fanatic Hugh dishes up a tasty treat (20th Century Fox)

A huge cake bearing the legend “Goodbye Logan, Thank You Hugh!’ is also wheeled out for Hugh to slice, and we bet he couldn’t wait to tuck in to a slice after months of his intense training regime.

“Right now I’m feeling unbelievable gratitude that this part happened to come into my life,” Jackman says earlier in the trailer.

Hugh Jackman and James Mangold share a touching moment (20th Century Fox)

“What you have with Wolverine and his backstory,” adds Mangold, “and an actor with the power of Hugh Jackman playing him, it’s unique among other superhero films. What’s so wonderful about Hugh is that he’s hungry to go deeper and darker than he’s ever been before.”

“Wolverine and Hugh Jackman cannot be separated,” surmises Sir Patrick Stewart, “the man and the role have merged.”

‘Logan’ is in cinemas now. Watch Hugh recording his audio for the film below.

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