New on Paramount+ UK in May 2023: Best movies and TV from Fatal Attraction to The Family Stallone

An 80s erotic thriller reboot and Sylvester Stallone’s reality TV debut lead Paramount+’s May line-up

Wire Room, Fatal Attraction and The Family Stallone are all new to Paramount+ in May, 2023. (Paramount+)
Wire Room, Fatal Attraction and The Family Stallone are all new to Paramount+ in May, 2023. (Paramount+)

A whole host of hot new shows and films are headed to Paramount+ in the UK this May, but with the release of original series Fatal Attraction, the streamer is set to debut its steamiest exclusive yet. A contemporary reimagining of Adrian Lyne’s same-named 1987 erotic thriller, this version sees Lizzy Caplan assume the role Glenn Close made famous, playing the bunny boiler who refuses to let her adulterous lover leave her behind.

If you’re after a new thriller you can watch with your folks though, then look no further than original British nerve-shredder No Escape, whose box set lands mid-month.

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Also this month, Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone enters the reality TV ring as he opens his home life up to viewers in weekly-dropper The Family Stallone. And for those who prefer their reality TV more on the scandalous side, Love Island rival Ex on the Beach UK: The One That Got Away has you covered.

Elsewhere, for sports fans, four-part deepdive documentary boxset Fever Pitch: The Battle for the Premier League promises an eye-opening look at how international investors have — for better or worse — changed the rules of the beautiful game forever.

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Rounding out the month’s new TV releases are Yellowjackets-esque original teenage Alps drama The Gymnasts and the return of 80s-set sitcom Son of a Critch, which is back for a second season. Finally, last but by no means least, movie lovers can look forward to seeing Bruce Willis in one of the action icon’s final outings for platform exclusive Wire Room.

Here’s what we know is headed for Paramount+ UK this month…

New movies coming to Paramount+ UK in May 2023

Wire Room | 12 May

Bruce Willis and Kevin Dillon in Wire Room. (Paramount+)
Bruce Willis and Kevin Dillon in Wire Room. (Paramount+)

Although Bruce Willis officially retired from acting in March 2022 after being diagnosed with aphasia, the Die Hard star hasn’t made his final bow on screen just yet. Among the actor’s last films is new high-octane thriller Wire Room. This one sees Willis star as curmudgeonly Senior Special Agent Shane Mueller, whose mood goes from bad to worse when the new guy on wire room duty (Kevin Dillon) lands them both in over their heads with a cartel arms dealer. Crossing, double-crossing, conspiracy, and corruption abound as a should’ve-been-quiet night quickly descends into chaos.

New TV shows coming to Paramount+ UK in May 2023

Fatal Attraction | Episodes 1, 2, and 3 drop on 1 May, then weekly

Amanda Peet joins the TV series cast as Dan's wife Beth. (Paramount+)
Joshua Jackson, Amanda Peet and Lizzy Caplan in Fatal Attraction. (Paramount+)

Adrian Lyne’s Fatal Attraction has long been regarded as one of the all-time great erotic thrillers, a cultural touchstone that helped seal Michael Douglas and Glenn Close’s places among the great constellation of Hollywood stars.

Now, 36 years later, Mean Girls’ Lizzy Caplan and The Affair’s Joshua Jackson are set to star as the determined mistress and her married man in a contemporary reworking of Lyne’s psychosexual classic. Filtering the story’s timeless themes of marital fidelity and coercive control through a distinctly modern lens without compromising on raunch, it looks like viewers are in for a hell of a ride.

Fever Pitch: The Battle for the Premier League | Boxset drops on 7 May

Fever Pitch (Paramount+)
Fever Pitch (Paramount+)

In June 2003, megarich Russian businessman Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea football club. Within just two years, the team transformed from Premier League also-rans into champions, going on to win 17 other major trophies in the years since. It’s a story of rags to eye-watering riches that football lovers have seen play out time and again since, most notably with Manchester City, and more recently at Newcastle United.

In this riveting four-part documentary, the story of English football’s financial revolution — a cautionary tale of fierce rivalry and crippling pressure — is retold through exclusive interviews with those involved, including David Beckham, José Mourinho, and Arsène Wenger.

Ex on the Beach UK: The One That Got Away | Episode 1 drops on 9 May, then weekly

Grant, Oliver, Charlie, George, Junior. Chloe, Deb, Emily, Charlotte, Nadia. Ex On The Beach: Series 11 (Paramount+)
Grant, Oliver, Charlie, George, Junior. Chloe, Deb, Emily, Charlotte, Nadia. Ex On The Beach: Series 11 (Paramount+)

There’s no prizes for guessing the twist in this all-new iteration of everybody’s other favourite sun, sea, and sex driven reality dating show. Yes, as well as bringing back series staples ‘The Tablet of Terror’ and those stupendous sea entrances, Ex on the Beach’s return is focused on those old flames that never quite stopped burning. This means we get ‘One That Got Away Getaways’ designed to make or break reunited couples, as well as the introduction of the ominously - and quite self-explanatorily - named ‘Confession Cabana’. It’s the drama - we love it!

No Escape | Boxset drops on 18 May

No Escape (Paramount+)
No Escape (Paramount+)

Based on Lucy Clarke’s bestselling novel The Blue, No Escape is a white-knuckle thriller series that centres around Lana (Abigail Lawrie) and Kitty (Rhianne Barreto), two best friends on the run from British police. The fugitive duo think they’ve struck gold when they board The Blue, a luxury yacht cruising South East Asia, but soon find their dream getaway turning into a nightmare as the boat’s eclectic clientele and their deepest, darkest secrets rise to the surface.

The Family Stallone | Episodes 1 and 2 drop on 18 May, then weekly

US actor Sylvester Stallone, his wife Jennifer Flavin and daughters Sophia Stallone (L) and Sistine Stallone (R) attend the Season 1 premiere of Paramount+ series
ylvester Stallone, his wife Jennifer Flavin and daughters Sophia Stallone and Sistine Stallone. (AFP via Getty Images)

Nearly half a century after pulling off one of the most shocking life-imitating-art underdog stories with Oscar winner Rocky, now-septuagenarian Sylvester Stallone is out to defy expectations once again with The Family Stallone, the actor's first foray into the world of reality TV. Following Sly’s life with wife Jennifer Flavin and his daughters Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet, the no holds barred show, a Paramount+ original, has been described by Stallone as “the ultimate home movie.” It sure sounds like a knockout to us.

The Gymnasts | Episodes 1 and 2 drop on 26 May, then weekly

The Gymnasts (Paramount+)
The Gymnasts (Paramount+)

A team of elite female gymnasts, locked in intense competition whilst holed up in an Italian Alps mountain resort, find themselves embroiled in a grizzly murder investigation in twisty new drama series The Gymnasts, based on Ilaria Bernardini’s novel Corpo Libero. This buzzy original show takes in blood pacts, night escapes, hallucinogenic drugs, and shimmery leotards while telling a compelling tale about female friendships, competition culture, and the many ways in which adulthood’s onset shatters the adolescent illusion of innocence.

Son of a Critch S2 | Boxset drops on 30 May

Having charmed audiences with its winning blend of childhood nostalgia and earnest dorky hijinks, Mark Critch’s autobiographical Canadian sitcom Son of a Critch returns this month for a well deserved second season. Chronicling his coming of age in 80s Newfoundland and Labrador, the series follows a pre-teen Critch (Benjamin Evan Ainsworth) as he navigates junior high, the unenviable task of making friends, and life living in smalltown Canada.