New Saw Movie Planned For 2016

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The producers of the ‘Saw’ movies say that a revival of the popular ordeal horror series could be in the pipeline – possibly with original director/writer team James Wan and Leigh Whannell returning.

The seven-part series, based around the diabolical schemes and torture devices of the villainous Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), became the biggest thing in horror in the 2000s, dominating the Halloween box office from 2004 to 2010, and inspiring countless torture-heavy imitators.


The original film is now set to be re-released in North American cinemas for one week to mark its tenth anniversary – and producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules have now confirmed that this is their way of testing the waters before bringing the franchise back to life.

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Key to this, it seems, may be the return of ‘Saw’s creators. The low budget 2004 original launched director Wan and writer/co-star Whannell in Hollywood, yet Wan never returned to direct any of the sequels, and Whannell returned to write only the second and third films.

However, Wan and Whannell have gone on to collaborate on a number of other hit horror movies, notably the ‘Insidious’ films – and now, their producers say they’re ready to return to the series that got them started.

Oren Koules tells Shock Till You Drop, “James and Leigh…when ‘Saw’ came out they were so afraid of being ‘the ‘Saw’ guys’, and they were trying to make their own mark.

"Now that they’ve made their own mark, they’re very comfortable to come back.”


Koules continues, “It’s one of the reasons we agreed to do this [re-release]… We kind of wanted to build it up. Our goal is to go to Comic-Con, not next summer but the summer after [2016] with our heads up saying, ‘Here we go.’

“James and Leigh are comfortable with the success they’ve had. And it’s time. James is in post on his movie [‘Fast and Furious 7’]. Leigh’s on post on [his directorial debutInsidious Chapter 3’]. Everyone has time and it’s time.”

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However, James Wan – who publicly declared after ‘Insidious Chapter 2’ that he didn’t want to make any more horror films – seems slightly more reticent.

Wan tells STYD that he’s “entertained the idea” of directing another ‘Saw,’ but stresses “that’s more of a fantasy, I think. It’s a story Leigh and I really like and…who knows?”


The seven ‘Saw’ movies grossed upwards of £545 million in cinemas worldwide – but its whole grim torture routine definitely got a bit stale by series closer ‘Saw 3D.’

Perhaps now the series has been away for a while, audiences may be ready to ‘play another game’ with Jigsaw in 2016.

However, there remains no further talk on the potential ‘Saw’ TV series which original star Cary Elwes very strongly hinted might be in the pipeline not long ago.

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