New series of The Crown to show Prince Philip cheating on the Queen


The new series of hit Netflix show The Crown will suggest that Prince Philip repeatedly cheated on the Queen, according to reports.

The storyline will depict the tour of the commonwealth that the Duke of Edinburgh undertook alone in 1956 and 1957 on the Royal Yacht Britannia, nine years after he married Queen Elizabeth.

The Sun says that the plot is described as ‘a five-month stag do — whores in every port’.

The drama picks up on rumours from the time that Philip was linked to a number of women.

One scene reportedly shows Claire Foy’s Elizabeth finding a picture of a dancer in her husband’s bag, who it’s thought represents Pat Kirkwood, an actress and singer who at the time was linked to the Duke of Edinburgh, played in the show by former Doctor Who star Matt Smith.

Talk of an alleged affair dogged Kirkwood for many years, rumours that she vehemently denied, with Philip calling them ‘a mythology of the press’.

Speaking to The Sun, the show’s writer Peter Morgan denied that the plot is trying to undermine the couple’s marriage.

“What I have to do is write a story about people at the centre of British life who are human beings,: he said.

“If you’re hoping that tries to pick holes in the royal marriage, I wouldn’t dream of it. Their marriage is a triumph by any standards.”

Season two of The Crown arrives on Netflix on December 8.

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