New 'Once Upon A Deadpool' trailer makes fun of the UK

A new Deadpool 2 teaser trailer – sorry ‘Once Upon A Deadpool’ trailer has landed online, and it’s basically exactly what you’d expect – it’s silly, funny and vaguely insulting.

Somehow managing to combine The Princess Bride with Uncle Buck, the Once Upon a Deadpool teaser sees Fred Savage sitting in a very similar bed to the one he appears in for The Princess Bride’s wraparound. That set-up will presumably be the method of delivering the censored version of Deadpool 2 in Once Upon A Deadpool.

Add in a riff on the bit in Uncle Buck where Macaulay Culkin’s character questions John Candy’s titular Buck, and you’ve got a trailer format that’s perfectly tailored for… The over-35s? Which is a bit weird when you consider the whole point of this censored version of the film is that young people can go and see it.

Well, we say censored, because the film will actually have the same rating as Deadpool 2 did when it was released in the UK, a fact Deadpool’s all-too-happy to make fun of. “It’s still 15 over there, I don’t know what those guys are smoking.”

Still, we hope the film itself does well – all the profits will be going to Stand Up To Cancer in the UK, which is a pretty honourable move from the Merc with the Mouth.

You can see Once Upon A Deadpool when it lands in cinemas for one night only, next week – it’s out on 11 December.

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